20 Fake information on Coronavirus

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20 Fake information on Coronavirus

Here at The News Span we have fact-checked the fake information that are circulating on social media about the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 .

1) Can Face Mask protect you from the virus ?

Standard surgical masks can not protect you from Coronavirus because they are not designed to block out viral particles on the air . Surgical mask can help Coronavirus affected people from further spreading the virus by blocking respiratory droplets which could be expelled from mouths .

2) Kids are safe from Coronavirus, true?

Though initial reports suggested fewer cases of kids in comparison to adults but most children can definitely catch Coronavirus . According to a Chinese study from Hubei province confirmede that of more than 44,000 cases of COVID-19 , about 2% children involved in the list .

According to Nature News , Researchers analysed the data from more than 1,500 cases in Shenzen and found that children who were exposed to the virus were infected as like that of the adults are .

3) Vitamin C supplement food can keep you safe from Coronavirus ?

Researchers have not found any evidence that vitamin C supplement food can keep you safe from COVID-19 .

Vitamin C acts as an anti oxidant , it neutralizes the charged particles ( free radicals ) which can damage tissue in the body . It also helps in synthesizing hormones , sealing of vulnerable connective tissue and building collagen .

4)COVID19 is just like another flue?

Though COVID19 has flue like symptoms such as fever, cough and aches . However overall we can say it is more different than flu because it's average mortality rate lies between 1% to 3% .

5) Hand dryers can kill Coronavirus?

No hand dryers can not kill Coronavirus . The only way to protect yourself from the virus is by washing your hands with soap and water or by any alcohol based hand sanitizer.

6) Gargling bleach can protect yourself from COVID19 ?

Bleach is corrosive and can cause severe damage to your health there's no circumstances that it can help you out.

7) Garlic can protect against COVID19?

Though garlic can slow the growth of some species of bacterias but COVID19 is caused by virus so there is no chance that it can protect from COVID19.

8) Antibiotics can kill Coronavirus?

Antibiotics can't kill viruses it can only kill bacteria.

9) The virus will die off when temperature rises?

Though cold and flu viruses do spread in cold months but it doesn't mean they stopped drastically in other seasons. So far scientists do not know the behavior of SARS-COV-2 on temperature changes.

10) You can catch Coronavirus by eating Chinese food?

No, you can't.

11) Pneumonia and flu vaccine can protect you from COVID19?

SARS Cov2 is different than other viruses no existing vaccine can protect you from it.

12) Spraying alcohol or chlorine on your body can keep you safe from COVID19?

Though people can use it to disinfectant surfaces but it can't kill viruses within the body.

13) Pets spread Coronavirus ?

Currently there is no evidence that pets can spread Coronavirus.  In Hongkong , a pomerian who's owner infected by COVID19 doesn't show any symptoms.

14) Older adults and young people are only at risk?

Coronavirus can infect age of any people. However people having preexisting health conditions such as diabetes or asthma are more likely to be severely infected.

15) Everyone infected by Coronavirus will die?

The Chinese centre for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 80.9% cases of COVID19 were mild.

The World Health Organization also reported that 80% of people will experience a mild form of disease and will not require special treatment in hospital.

16) Thermal scanners can diagnose Coronavirus?

Thermal scanners can detect only fever it can't detect Coronavirus.

17) Parcels from China can spread Coronavirus ?

Scientists believe that virus can't survive on the surface for a long time because of poor survivability of Coronavirus on the surface.

18) Home remedies can protect you from Coronavirus?

No home remedies can't protect you from Coronavirus the only thing you can do is to adopt a good handwash or by avoiding places where there may be infected person.

19) Coronavirus is the deadliest virus?

No Coronavirus is not the deadliest virus as that of Ebola which has higher mortality rates.

20) Coronavirus can infect you if you stay with someone for 10minutes?

No not completely true but virus can infect you in less than 10minutes.