The Big Chinese Lie

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The Big Chinese Lie

Recently China has declared that Wuhan is now completely free of  Coronavirus . They also want to change the narrative that they are not responsible for the Chinesevirus and the statement made by Mr President as Chinesevirus as a racist one .

Here is a thread by Soumyadipta who has exposed the lies of China.

China told the WHO during January 2020 that COVID-19 is not contaginous and WHO believed that .

Italy is the worst affected nation by the COVID-19 . Italy ignored many warning from it's allies and partied with China but got a devastating result due it's utter belief towards China

According to this Chinese man's video tweeted by Soumyadipta , the Chinese government is burning 1,200 bodies everyday in wuhan . China has kept the entire world in the dark about what is happening in the backyard of the epi-centre of this Chinesevirus .

Soumyadipta has also tweeted about a propaqganda video from Chinese government has lined up Doctors to shoot the video .