Bill Gates compares people who avoid face masks to 'nudists'

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Bill Gates compares people who avoid face masks to 'nudists'

American business magnate, software developer, and philanthropist Bill Gates recently questioned the logic behind some peoples refusal to wear face masks to protect the spread of the COVID-19. On the first episode of 'Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions' podcast, Gates and the actress-comedian discussed the politicisation of face masks in the United States and what a "weird thing" that is. Bill Gates jokingly compared the people who refuse to wear a mask to "nudists" as well,

"I mean are these, like, nudists?" asked Gates. He added," We ask you to wear pants and, you know, no American says - or very few Americans say - that that's. like, some terrible thing".

During the interview, Gates who has donated billions of dollars for research of a COVID-19 vaccine, explained how the view changed from not needing masks to needing them. He said that earlier health experts would compare COVID-19 with another common cold, including flu, fever, etc. However, now the deadly virus has turned out to be very different from how the other viruses spread.

When asked why there was ever a time when people thought masks were not effective, Gates responded saying that the evidence showing that a simple mask for the masses...including people who are spreading without knowing it was available as early as April.

He added that now its overwhelmingly clear that the upside is gigantic. He went on to explain that research showed a projection that if everybody wore masks. over 100,000 deaths would be avoided.

Listen to the entire Podcast here.