China rushes medical officer to City bordering to handle COVID19 cases

China rushes medical officer to City bordering Russia to handle imported COVID19 cases

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China rushes medical officer to City bordering to handle COVID19 cases

On Sunday China rushed a team of medical officers to its North Eastern city of Suifenhe ( Russia bordering ) due to the spike in the number of COVID19 cases .

Xinhua news agency reported that Suifenhe has reported more than 100 asymptomatic COVID19 carriers and 194 confirmed cases on Saturday. Most of the COVID19 patients were Chinese nationals who crossed the border in recent weeks.

The Chinese centre for Disease Control and Prevention said a team of 15medical experts departed from Beijing to Suifenhe to aid the China's fight against imported COVID19 cases on Sunday.

According to the Xinhua report the team specializing in laboratory testing from NIVDCP will bring the total number of CDC experts sent to the city to 22 .

The team will set up a mobile negative pressure lab upon their arrival which will make it easier for them in conducting medical research and nucleic acid test .

Head of the local medical team Yu Kaijiang said the proportion of COVID19 patients had been very high in between 10% to 20% in each batch of the inbound personnel.

He also added the ratio in some batches were even higher .

According to official data a total of 2,497 people have entered to Suifenhe from Russia .

Deputy director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission said they had been monitoring the body temperature of the inbound personnel who were put under isolation soon after their arrival in city and he believed the number of positive patients might rise in forthcoming days.

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