Trump's Chinese Virus Statement Reaction

Trump's Chinese Virus Statement reaction goes viral on internet .

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Trump's Chinese Virus Statement Reaction

The President of America recently tweeted by showing his support to the industries and airlines affected rom COVID-19 Virus referring as Chinese Virus .

This statement made by president of America adds fuel to the fire in Social media . Several people shows their response to the controversial tweet by My President .

Founder and Chairman of Trump Student replied to President's tweet by saying this is true and China will be accountable for this on the other side comedian Terrence made a comical tweet on the Chinese Virus Statement .

Whereas his Chinese Virus Statement made him Racist in social media .

Some of the famous Indian People put their statement about Chinese Virus Statement .

Anand Rangnathan replied that Chinese Virus Statement is racist but New Delhi Metallo beta lactamese 1 is not .

Famous Indian Youtuber An Open later made it simple about Corona Virus Statement that Corona Virus originated in China .

An Indian Doctor gave a list of disease linked with their origin place name on a reply to Chinese Virus Statement .