Corona car is out on the street

Corona car is out on the street, what is corona car .

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Corona car is out on the street

The Corona car is now out on the streets of Hyderabad, India. It resembles the Coronavirus behind the novel COVID19 pandemic.

It's primary aim is to increase awareness about the COVID19 outbreak . The Coronavirus car was designed by Sudhakar Yadav who runs a printing press.

The Coronavirus car is a single seater vehicle having six wheels and can go upto speed of 40kmph . The car is made of fluorescent green fiber with red crown like spikes of Coronavirus. It is propelled by a 100cc engine.

The Hyderabad police has also supported the initiative of Corona car by Sudhakar Yadav . Sudhakar plans to donate Corona car to local authorities to maximize it's use.

Sudhakar told that he was inspired by the Coronavirus shaped helmet worn by police on several parts of the country .

He says the main purpose behind Corona car is to implore people to stay indoors.