Coronavirus treatment with the help of plasma treatment

Coronavirus treatment with the help of plasma treatment . Only if the plasma donation can be collected from Coronavirus recovered patient .

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Coronavirus treatment with the help of plasma treatment

Coronavirus treatment

It starts with three Indian Americans who were admitted in critical condition for COVID19 are showing signs of recovery after being transfused with the plasma of recovered COVID19 patients , hospital authority said.

As the new cases of COVID19 cases are increasing rapidly and the vaccine for COVID19 is not expected for months , doctors around the country are experimenting with an old technique based on new treatment which can be used as Coronavirus treatment , but aren't sure if it turns out to be truly effective.

The convalescent plasma therapy is a process by which blood plasma of a recovered COVID19 patient is infused into a critically affected COVID19 patient so the specific antibodies developed in the recovered patient can help fight the infection as there's is no other way for Coronavirus treatment.

As there's absence of vaccine , scientists and doctors looking into Convalescent plasma because it is effective during past pandemic and they are hopeful that it can be used for Coronavirus treatment .

Ashok Balasubramanyam vice president of academic integration and associate Dean of academic affairs at the Baylor college of medicine said five patients at Baylor St Luke's hospital have been treated with convalescent plasma .

The school has also been authorised to conduct a clinical trial in couple of weeks.

Three Indian Americans COVID19 patients Rohan Bavadekar , Sushm Singh and Lavanga Beluswamy are being treated at St Luke's medical and found recently recovered donors with ssme blood groups for plasma transfusion.

According to medical sources they are showing Positive signs of recovery and need more plasma donors for new round of plasma transfusion.

The FDA is yet to approve the treatment but is allowing some clinical trials. As these clinical trials are limited doctors can request FDA for the approval of the use of the treatment for severe COVID19 patients.

In Austin a patient received a convalescent plasma infusion on Thursday, said Jeff Yorio an oncologist and hematologist at Texas Oncology who helped the programme get started in Austin.

Yorio also added that they were very hopeful about Coronavirus treatment like that .

He also added that programme had identified five Austin patients with severe COVID19 whom doctors wanted to treat with plasma . The FDA approved Coronavirus treatment within hours of receiving a request .

Yorio also said they were identifying the absolute sickest patient first . If they were able to get more plasma out there that's available then may be they would able to expand that further to Coronavirus treatment for other patients .

The blood plasma came fro Austin's blood bank , We Are Blood , which has connection with more than 20 plasma donor who have recovered from COVID19 and the Plasma donors number should grow as word about the programme gets out , Said Nick Canedo spokesman of We Are Blood .

Canedo Said , For Convalescent Plasma donation donor must have test positive for COVID19 antibodies after recovery from Coronavirus and must be symptom free for at least 28 days .

Canedo also added anyone who tested positive and second test for Coronavirus testes negative can do Plasma donation after symptom free for at least 14 days .

Plasma donation is only possible only if the Plasma recipients must be of the same blood group as that of donor .