How is India fighting against COVID-19?

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How is India fighting against COVID-19?

On Saturday , India's health ministry declared that there are total 34cases of COVID-19 found . Apart from there are total 90 countries affected by COVID-19 FROM WHICH 101,925 confirmed cases and 3487deaths from 93countries .

How is the infected person being treated ?

Mjority of the infected persons are adult and most of them nearly 80% face mild illness. Nearly 14% of the infected persons faced severe disease and 5% were critically ill globally .

In India doctors are following WHO prescribed patient management guidance , which includes home care guidance that may be treated by isolation from others for those who are mild infected and for hospitalised patients interim clinical guidance .

When should anyone get tested ?

India's Health Ministry giving details of who should be considered for COVID-19 testing , this would include people who are symptomatic like if they have running nose, sore throat, dyspnea or having fever etc. Especially those who have visited countries like China, Japan, Hong kong, Korea , Singapore , Italy , Iran etc. Even persons who have had any contact with the COVID-19 patient recently .

What are lab requirements and medicine ?

Indian Council of Medical Research has recently said that National Institute of Virology has supplied PCR reagents, positive and negative control , standard operating proceedure to the testing laboratories. NIV Puna has also sufficient reagent to supply to the whole network .

According to  D. C Sadananda Chemical and Fertilizer Minister India has sufficient amount of active pharmaceutical ingredients the raw material used to make make madicine for the next 3months. The export of medicines were banned by the Indian government for which there will be no shortage of medicines in the country .

What precaution you should take ?

According to the India's Health Ministry hands must be cleaned thoroughly with alcohol based soap and water. Instead of shaking hands with others do Namaste . Don't bury dead bodies it is better to burn dead bodies . A distance of at least 3feet from the person who is coughing or sneezing . The officials also clarified there is no need to buy mask .