7 Points Of Amit Shah's Speech on Delhi Violence

Amit Shah's Speech on Delhi Violence

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7 Points Of Amit Shah's Speech on Delhi Violence

After Lok Sabha discussion on Delhi riots Amit Shah promised not a single culprit will be spared from law and order irrespective of their gender, caste, party affiliation or religion .

He also made it clearly that their is no violence after 11pm of 25th february by defending Delhi Police .

He adresses the assembly that the fake social media handles which lead the protest were created on 22nd february and were deactivated on 25th of february . Delhi police will find out the owner of that handles and will take strict against on them .

He also replied Mr Owaisi that Face recognition system will be used to identify the culprits and face recognition software don't divide people by religion or costumes .

And that face recognition software already recognised 1100people from which 300 are from Uttarpradesh .

He told that riots were pre-planned and the victim's family will definitely get justice .

Amit Shah assured that Delhi police will find out those  Social media account handlers .

Three people were found who were financing the rioters to incite violence are under police custody and the riot is purely a conspiracy .

Amit Shah said a big party organised a rally and incite people by saying " Step out from your home to protest against", isn't a hate speech?

As a reaction Congress and IUMl MP walk out from the Lok Sabha .