Last virus free corner of the earth

Last virus free nation of the earth is holding it's security tight.

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Last virus free corner of the earth

Palau a micro State of 18,000 people is a place on Earth that still report zero cases of COVID19 as figures rising daily everywhere. The disparate group also includes Turkmenistan, Samoa and bases on the frozen continent of Antarctica.

Palau is surrounded by the vast Pacific ocean which is acting as a buffer against the COVID19 virus. Along with strict travel restrictions it seems to have kept infections at bay of number of nations including Solomon islands, Tonga, Micronesia and Marshalls islands.

Palau Island

But remoteness is not certain to stop the continuous growth of the virus. Northern Marianna island confirmed it's first COVID19 case followed by a suspected death on Monday.

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A 28year old artist Klamioki tutop is hopeful that Palau can avoid fate of New York, Wuhan or Madrid. But she also describes there is a growing sense of dread. She also said , You can feel rising anxiety on shopping stores as they are crowded even on non payday of the weeks .

Palau seems to be truly virus free . It's biggest test yet to come with the first positive case of virus.