London buses step up Coronavirus measures after 20 drivers die

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London buses step up Coronavirus measures after 20 drivers die

Recently Transport Authority of London announced new procedures to protect bus drivers of London from global pandemic, as colleagues held a minute's silence for 20 bus drivers who have already died because of COVID19 pandemic .

Mayor Sadiq Khan whose father was a bus driver , led his tributes to the COVID19 victims as authorities said passengers would be no longer be able to use front door near to the bus driver .

It breaks ny heart that 20 London bus drivers have lost their lives due to Coronavirus . It could easily have been my dad and his colleagues , Khan said on twitter .

He joined a minute's silence organised by the trade union unite , which has been pressing for safety and protection of London's 20k bus drivers and other staffs .

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London is one on the frontline of the Covid19 outbreak in Britain , where almost 14k people died of Coronavirus , making it one of the worst affected countries of the world .

Since a nation wide lockdown was introduced in London last month bus passengers in London have fallen by about 85% .

But a reduced service is still running on the trains and buses for key workers . Train staff  and four underground worker have also died .

The City's Travel Authority , Transport for London has already introduced a new cleaning regime for stations , depots and buses .

The seats and the front of the buses which are closest to the bus drivers have been ropped of and drivers sit behind a protective clear screen .

This new measure to be introduced from Monday , the front door now be kept shut and passengers asked to use middle door to get on and off.

Unite's London representative Pete Kavanagh said this was a very welcome move .

He said we have already lost many members from our bus family and we refuse to lose anyone of them now.