Madhyapradesh govt crisis all you need to know

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Madhyapradesh govt crisis all you need to know

The political confusion in Madhyapradesh government reached it's tip level when Congress led party in the state close to Jyotiraditya senior congress leader were depart secretly to Bengaluru with switched-off phones .

Recently Kamalnath met Sonia Gandhi on Delhi to discuss on nominee for rajya sabha and political situation in MP and returned to bhopal after evening , where he called for a cabinet meeting at 10pm .

22ministers attended the cabinet meeting and all of them submitted their resignation showing the way to reconstruct the cabinet by the CM .

Though CM has clarified that he will not allow anyone to destabilise the government . He said that all through his life he dedicated himself to help the people but BJP is trying to destabilise the government by immoral way .

Last week congress has accused  BJP to tumble it's government after 10MLAs of partry and it's allies visited Haryana . Among those 8 of them come back with the demand of ministeral status and 2 of them not returned till now .

Suddenly on Monday 17MLAs of Scindia become isolated leading to a crisis for the government .

Other than Scindia the phone of other six ministers who were in Bengaluru were incommunicated . According to sources the ministers were staying somewhere in a undiscloesd location in Bengaluru .

A part of Kamal Nath's congress leaders demanded that Priyanka Gandhi should be nominated for rajyasabha polls which will create a sideline for the Scindia candidates .

The people of Maharshtra are well aware of the war between Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya in last month . Scindia pressurized the government to fulfill the guest teachers demand otherwise they will come to the street which was sidelined by Kamal Nath .

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