Masks delivered by China to Netherland do not work

Dutch government recall all the defective mask which were bought from China. In earlier incident Covid-19 test kit also found defective which were also bought from China.

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Masks delivered by China to Netherland do not work

Dutch government has imported a large part of mouth masks from the China that is unsound. Because the masks were already distributed to medicals , the health Ministry held a recall.

This concerns almost about half a batch of 1.3million FFP2 masks, 600,000 pieces. Health care providers use it to treat patients critically ill by COVID19. Faulty masks can put doctors and nurses in danger.

The masks have been rejected because they do not meet the minimum safety requirements. The masks membranes do not function properly the membrane which have to stop virus particles and it also do not fit well on face .

"When the masks were delivered to the medicals I immediately rejected those masks ", said a person from medical who received defective masks. If the distribution of Chinese masks do not close properly then virus can simple pass which is unsafe for people .

The disapproved masks are said to be of low quality. Neither of FFP2 quality nor of FFP1 quality but some sort of like FFP0.8 quality, said the source.

A spokesperson of the Redboud umc said they have received 4000masks which were still in storage . They have not used any of them. The masks do not fit well on face.