Nations complain about Chinese masks and equipments

Nations complain about Chinese masks and as they are not working .

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Nations complain about Chinese masks and equipments

As the first of 22 shipments of Chinese made medical equipments arrived in the United States on Sunday, other countries like Spain and Netherland are complaining that China provided inaccurate testing kits and faulty protective equipments.

Chinese company have increased production and supply of testing kits, respirators, masks and other protective equipments to handle the pandemic. But some faulty equipments are showing up in the supply chain , prompting governments in Spain, Netherland and Turkey to complain.

A commercial aircraft carrying masks, gloves and medical equipments from Sanghai touched down at Kennedy international airport on Sunday.

The Netherlands on Saturday recalled hundreds and thousands of face masks as it was revealed that they didn't fulfill the basic requirements. Spanish government officials said last week that Chinese testing kits had only 30% of accuracy . The Chinese authority later said that the firm was not from the list of Certified suppliers.

In Czech republic, a local newspaper cited that medical professional complained that 80% of the Chinese testing kits are not working properly.