Peru suspends clinical trials of Chinese COVID vaccine Sinopharm

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Peru suspends clinical trials of Chinese COVID vaccine Sinopharm

After detecting neurological problems in one of its test volunteers, Peru has temporarily suspended clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Chinese drug firm Sinopharm.

Chief Researcher Professor German Malaga said that the vaccine trial has been interrupted after a volunteer had difficulty moving their arms. He added that symptoms correspond to a condition called the Guillan-Barre syndrome.

Malaga said, "Several days ago we signalled, as we are required, to the regulatory authorities that one of our participants (in trials) presented neurological symptoms which could correspond to a condition called Guillan-Barre syndrome".

The Guillan-Barre syndrome is a rare and non-contagious disorder in which your body's immune system attacks your nerves which can even paralyze your whole body.

In the 1970s a campaign to vaccinate Americans against a supposedly devastating strain of swine flu ground to a halt after about 450 of those vaccinated developed the syndrome, which can also cause paralysis.

According to reports, Peru's clinical trials for the Sinopharm vaccine were due to conclude this week, after testing around 12,000 people.

Now, if and when the trial is successful, the Peruvian government is expected to but up to 20 billion doses to inoculate to two-thirds of its population.

60,000 across the globe have already taken the Sinopharm vaccine, including volunteers in Argentina, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Peru has one of the world's highest per capita death rate from the COVID-19, which as of Friday had caused 36,499 fatalities and 979,111 infections.

Source: AFP