Ravish Kumar caught lying

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Ravish Kumar caught lying

Ravish Kumar the managing editor of NDTV who is also the former Magsaysay awardee for his excellence in journalism caught lying again on his own prime time show.

Ravish Kumar caught lying again

A video is going viral of Delhi riots where a man of nearly 33yrs old could be seen approaching Delhi police with a gun on his hand and firing randomly during the riots.

However on social media fake information was circulating as the man with gun who was identified as Sharukh of Shahdara was "Anurag Mishra" .

The attempt was also run by Magsaysay awardee Ravish Kumar on his Prime time show ." The man Sharukh should be reverified again " Ravish said .

However India Today's Anti Fake News War Room verified that Shahrukh and Anurag Mishra are not same.

On the other hand the real Anurag Mishra took the help of Social media and uploaded a video where we can see he has vowed to take strong legal action against them who are falsely accused of this inhuman act .

The real culprit Sharukh who fired eight round bullets has not been arrested yet.