Social distancing is helping you and the planet

In the mid of Corona Virus outbreak people were maintaing Social distance which is helping both us and the planet

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Social distancing is helping you and the planet

Kimberly Nicholas, a researcher at the Lund University centre for sustainability studies in Sweden said the biggest source of carbon emission caused by our daily lifestyle habits .

Whenever we avoid a flight journey, getting on a car or by avoiding eating animal product we do a substantial climate savings. Many people are doing this now to avoid Corona virus.

Christopher M Jones, lead developer at the Cool Climate network said that all these precautions people are taking by avoiding school, colleges,offices, businesses are saving lives.

He also said the steps taken by people to avoid Corona virus could have a benefit of reduced carbon footprint. There are four different areas where we can see changes in Green House gases due to Corona virus impact.

1) Food: According to the research of relative carbon footprint of dining out or dining at home. We waste 25% of food which we buy. If we travel a long distance for dining out that will going to swamp emission from the food.

2) Transportation : According to research for average American the major source of green house gas emission is driving. She also said anything that reduces driving makes a big impact on pollution.

3) What you eat is more important : She said eating beef has a major impact on climate change. Eating food from lower food chain like as plants has a smaller carbon footprint.

4) Shopping : She said those people who are using online shopping and prefer home deliveries are reducing their effect to climate change.

Though online shopping is bad for your wallet but it is good for climate.

Still there is a question remaining will adopt the behaviors which were helping to reduce climate change?