The Great Media Lie Over Hydroxychloroquine

Does hydroxychloroquine has those side effects which are being advertised by media or its just a big marketing game of big Pharmaceutical company to sell their new drug to cash on over the pandemic.

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The Great Media Lie Over Hydroxychloroquine

The media has been on the warpath against Mr President for his remarks on Hydroxychloroquine, claiming that he was selling false hope in the mid of pandemic and even suggesting his statement which was risking lives of the normal person or was a reason that a couple took a aquarium cleaner that killed the husband.

GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington tweeted a video which points out the fundamental difference in a video which highlighted the biasness of the media.

Though Doctors are prescribing Hydroxychloroquine and it's saving lives despite the negative media attacks.

Democratic Michigan state representative Karen Whitsett's life was saved that of hydroxychloroquine . She believes it is only because Mr President highlighted hydroxychloroquine that she was able to ultimately get it.

65% of the physician across the United States said that they would prescribe hydroxychloroquine to treat the COVID19 patients according to the survey released by Jackson and Coker , one of the Country's largest physician staffing firms .

Only of the physician said they wouldn't prescribe hydroxychloroquine to COVID19 patients.

On the other side 30% of the Doctors said they would prescribe medications to a family member prior to the onset of COVID19 symptoms.

The survey was conducted of 1,271 physicians from 50states from April 4th to 7th of April.

Let's dispel some of the common media myths

A study on Chloroquine was conducted in Brazil so irresponsibility that these researchers used this patients as guinea pigs . They have them 900mg and 1200mg for five days . That's 3 times more than that of the recommended dosage and they used CQ , a less safe version of hydroxychloroquine .

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Not only did they overdose the patients , the researchers had the sheer audacity to conclude the study saying Chloroquine is dangerous and not effective at treating the Coronavirus . They overdosed the patients by giving them 3x the amount and a less safe version of the drug .

The Normal dosage of treating the COVID19 is Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 10days along with the items attached in the below pictures . Not 1200mg Not 900mg Not Chloroquine .

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The study was apparently funded with federal grant money allocated by left wing senators in Brazil .

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Left wing politicians in numerous countries are campaigning against Hydroxychloroquine even though it's been proven effective .

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