The Untold Story Of Malayan Tapir

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The Untold Story Of Malayan Tapir

Well, not so many of us have heard about this darling of nature called as Malayan Tapir . They have been around for more than 50million years having survived from many waves of extinction . But now marked as endangered species by IUCN . Let us have a journey to their world .

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Malayalan Tapirs reproduce very slow , they have a pregnancy period of nearly 13-14moths and only one offspring born at a time . Their habitat is losing fast due to deforestration , hunting , disease and roadkill . According to experts there are only 2500 Tapirs in world .


They are also called gardener of forest , they eat a lot of fruits . After eating fruits they swallow the seeds walk a long distance and defecate at long distance . So by dispersing seeds all over the forest on a regular basis makes them as a gardener of the forest . Though most of the animal do same but not so many of them eat fruits as much as a Malayan Tapir can .

If you don't know who is the cutest offspring of animal kingdom then here is your answer, Malayan Tapir . They are born like a watermelon having black in color and white or yellow strips all over their body which generally fades after 3-4months after their birth and completely gone after 5-6months . Generally these calves stay with their mother for 18months .

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They have a poor eye-sight and usually active at nature which makes them easy for traps by hunters . Hunters kill them to sell their meat on market . Though Tapirs are also good at avoiding hunters by running into the water and to avoid their scent from other predators they also only poop into the water .

Asian Tapirs are superb swimmers and divers they use their flexible nose to breathe under water using it as snorkel . They are also well capable of walking along bottom of rivers like hippopotamus .

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Tapirs are mostly social animals they graze together in a group called caddle . They don't show any kind of complex relationship .