Top 10 moves of Roman Reign that makes him unbeatable

Here is the list of top 10 moves of The Big Dog Roman Reign that makes him unbeatable

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Top 10 moves of Roman Reign that makes him unbeatable

10) One Arm Sit-out Powerbomb

There are different variations of powerbomb, sitout powerbomb is one of them and one arm sitout powerbomb is a variation of sitout powewrbomb. Generally in this type of powerbomb the attacking wrestler falls to a seated position as he lifts the opponent by using one arm and slams the opponent down.

Most of the time the attacking wrestler reverse the armbar into the one arm sitout powerbomb to escape from the armbar. This move was popularised by Roman reign. Though some wrestlers remain in seated position to pin the opponent but The Big Dog chooses not to do.

Top 10 moves of Roman Reigns

9) Shoulder block

Shoulder block is a manuever that sees a standing wrestler strike usually ramming with a shoulder by keeping an armdown by the side into a charging opponent's chest.

Top 20 Moves Of Roman Reigns (2018)

8) Throat thrust

Throat thrust is also called as throat strike or sword stab. Though it somewhere similar to upper cut but in Throat thrust the attacking wrestler strikes the opponent's throat upwards by a huge punch.

Top 20 Moves Of Roman Reigns (2018)

7) Multiple Corner Clothesline

In Multiple Corner Clothesline the attacking wrestler instead of knocking down the opponent, aims to squash them multiple time against turnbuckle.

There are different variations of clothesline but the Multiple Corner Clothesline used by Roman Reign is the most powerful one.

Top 20 Moves Of Roman Reigns (2018)

6) Spine buster

In Spine Buster the attacking wrestler starts by facing his opponent, then he grabs the opponent under the arms or around the waist, lifts the opponent up and tosses the opponent forward on to his back or slams the opponent down while dropping to a seated position.

Top 20 Moves Of Roman Reigns (2018)

5) DDT

Death Drop Technique also known as DDT, in this move the attacking wrestler has the opponent in a inverted facelock or front facelock and falls down or backwards to drive the opponent's head into the mat.

Top 20 Moves Of Roman Reigns (2018)

4) Flying Clothesline

In Flying Clothesline the attacking wrestler while running towards the opponent, the attacking wrestler leaps up into the air before connecting a clothesline with the opponent.

Top 20 Moves Of Roman Reigns (2018)

3) Vaulting Plancha

Vaulting Plancha is a professional wrestling move in which the attacking wrestler throws himself out of the ring into a crossbody on an opponent or multiple opponent.

The Dead man made this move famous in professional wrestling.

Top 20 Moves Of Roman Reigns (2018)

2) Superman Punch

Superman Punch is a famous move used in different fights and also in professional wrestling. The Superman Punch involve bringing the rear leg forward to feign a kick, then snapping the leg back while throwing a cross resulting in greater power behind the punch.

Roman Reigns' 20 strongest Superman Punches: WWE Fury

1) Spear

There are two types of spear one is shoulder block takedown and another is Striking Spear or high impact spear. Roman Reign is famous for his high impact spear in which the attacking wrestler charges towards a standing opponent and drives his houlder into the standing opponent's midsection, tackling the opponent and forcing him/her down into the mat back first.

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