US announces $19 billion aid for farmers

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US announces $19 billion aid for farmers

On Friday president Donald Trump announced that $19 billion relief program to help United States farmers for the impact of COVID19 pandemic , including $16 billion aid in direct payments to producers of meat, vegetables , dairy and other products.

The United States Agriculture department is partnering with local and regional distributors to purchase $3 billion in farm goods to be distributed to churches , foodbanks and aid groups as millions of people all over the America face unemployment with much of the United States economy shut down .

At a white house news conference Agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue said that in America agriculture has been hit hard like other sectors with COVID19 pandemic and President Donald Trump is standing with all Americans and American farmers to make sure that we all get through this National emergency.

The agency said it will take monthly purchases totalling of $100 million each of freshly produced meat and dairy products . Perdue also said USDA will work with companies like Sysco Corp to help package, procure and distribute food items . In recent weeks long line have formed in front of United States food bank .

Ranchers and Farmers have struggled enough to get their goods to market because of disruptions caused by COVID19 pandemic , forcing them to through out their food supplies and call for government help .

Mr Predue said having to dump milk or plow under vegetables ready to market is not only heartbreaking but also financially distressing as well as for those who produce them .

Mr Predue said that direct payment will be sent as farm commodity have experienced unprecedented losses due to COVID19 pandemic . He told the reporters that he hoped direct payment will be sent in form of checks by the end of May.