US seeks medical professional from other countries

Us has the highest number of people infected with Covid-19. US department is looking for medical professional who can work in US.

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US seeks medical professional from other countries

As the US overtook Italy and Spain as the country with largest number of COVID19 infected persons the US department wants for medical professional who wants to work in the US or particularly those who are mitigating the effects of Coronavirus. US department of state also added that foreign medical professional who are already there can get their visas extended.

The notice mentioned that those who are interested can reach out to the nearest embassy to Visa appointment for H and J category. Facebook page of the US state department found that call for medical professional has much interest in other countries. Desperate attempts seems to be made by people to get in touch with the US assembly as it seems to shutdown soon due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Social media handles commented sarcastically as US suddenly wants immigrants from other countries and clearly preaching health professional from other countries at a time of health emergency on all over the world.

Though the link of the state department was not working anymore by the late evening . By then it had been reported by the several news sites of different countries and was still available on the state department's Facebook page.

The Rich countries like UK,US and Canada are already Accu of robbing skilled medical professional from poorer countries, especially medical professionals who are expensive to train.